My Bible Friends (5 Book Set)

My Bible Friends (5 Book Set)

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Sam is just an ordinary man walking along the road when he comes across someone badly hurt. He gives first aid and takes the victim to the nearest motel to recover. His name has become immortalised as the good Samaritan. 
The Moose Stories series takes a fresh look at some of the best stories ever told. Written in a playful rhyme and delightfully illustrated, children of all ages will easily remember them. The real value is they will be more likely to learn the valueable life lessons contained within these stories.

Richly illustrated and beautifully written, these fine, hardcover books in English are definitely the premium set of Bible stories for younger children.



  • Written especially for children ages 1 to 8
  • Outstanding art fills each page opening from corner to corner.
  • Beautiful, yet simple language makes these books a pleasure to read time and time again (because you probably will).



Imagine your child’s delight as you read the charming story of Small Donkey, who carried tired Mary up the long hill toward Bethlehem long ago. Or of Zacchaeus the Cheater, who climbed a sycamore tree so he could see Jesus passing by. And then there’s the story of Baby Moses, fast asleep in his basket boat, carefully hidden in the tall rushes.


These and many more Bible friends are waiting to greet your child within these beautifully illustrated books.



  • Each book contains four simple stories, arranged in short, attention holding sections.
  • The durable bindings hold up to rough use by children.
  • You can easily wipe sticky fingerprints from the colorful mylar hardcovers.



Book One

Baby Moses

Baby Jesus

Joseph’s New Coat

Joseph and His Brothers


Book Two

Jesus and the Storm

Jesus and the Children

Samuel, the Little Priest

David, the Youngest Boy


Book Three

Go Wash in the River

Elijah and the Time of No Rain

A Room and a Boy

Barley Loaves and Fishes


Book Four

Joash, the Boy King

Esther, the Brave Queen

When God Washed the World

The Borrowed Ax


Book Five

Daniel and His Friends

Daniel and the Lions

Zacchaeus the Cheater

Jabel the Shepherd





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Type Hardback
Author Etta B. Degering

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